Lift, clean and place on two Quail Hollow holes


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Due to damage around the greens on Nos. 8 and 10 at Quail Hollow Club, the entire holes have been issued a local rule allowing lift, clean and place in all closely mown areas during the entirety of the Wells Fargo Championship.

The damage was caused by recent resodding of those two greens.

Additionally, any ball on either of those greens that is resting on a sod seam may be moved and placed as close as possible to the original spot without resting on a seam, though no closer to the hole.

The club implemented large seams that are 4 feet wide and 60 feet long to minimize the amount of shots that would come to rest against one of those seams, but actions still had to be taken to eliminate an unfair disadvantage for those who found that situation.