LPGA Corning Classic Coming to an End


CORNING, N.Y. – The LPGA Corning Classic got off to its emotional start Thursday morning with Dorothy Delasin hitting the first shot of the day at the first tee at 7:30 a.m.
Allison Fouch led off on the back nine.
The real emotion will come when the final shot is struck on Sunday with the tournament ending its run this year after 31 years.
Oddly, it's as if cosmic forces conspired to allow more players to enjoy the Corning Classic's swan song.
The field features 147 players, three more than the usual field size because of an error in the first re-shuffle of player priority rankings. It's complicated, but here's the official explanation in an LPGA release:
“A reorder in priority ranking was scheduled for LPGA Tour members in Priority List Categories 13 through 21 per protocol after the seventh official LPGA Tournament of the season (i.e. the 2009 Corona Championship). An error occurred in the reshuffle, however, which affects the field for the upcoming LPGA Corning Classic. We therefore increased the field size from 144 to 147 players.
“When the LPGA Corning Classic field closed on Tuesday, May 12, Jimin Jeong and Taylor Leon were omitted from the original field. They since have been added along with Tracy Hanson. Hanson competed in the Monday Qualifier on May 11 at the Sybase Classic Presented by ShopRite and lost in a playoff to Maggie Will for the second position; Jeong won the Monday Qualifier. Had the error in the reshuffle not occurred, Jeong already would have been in the field, thus not needing to qualify, which would have eliminated the need for the playoff between Will and Hanson. Hanson instead will compete in the LPGA Corning Classic.”