LPGA exploring Olympic-style event


LPGA commissioner Mike Whan likes the atmosphere nationalistic interest will bring to the Solheim Cup in three weeks, so he’s working on bringing more of the same to his tour.

Though Whan isn’t ready to divulge any details, he confirms he’s interested in creating a new event that would bring an Olympic-style aura to the LPGA schedule.

“Nothing to go to press with yet, but coming soon,” Whan said. “We’re further along, but it’s not podium ready yet.”

Whan isn’t prepared to say if he’s looking at another version of the former Women’s World Cup or something even more involved as a team concept, but he believes the international makeup of the LPGA lends itself to more of these kinds of competition.

“If you look at our brand, our product, in terms of the global appeal we have,” Whan said. “If you look at the top players from countries and regions around the world, most of them already play the LPGA. So the LPGA could really host something that would have an Olympic feel to it pre-2016.”