LPGA still hoping to crown Tour Championship winner on Sunday


RICHMOND, Texas – With some luck, the LPGA Tour Championship can still be completed as a 72-hole event before Sunday ends.

That was the word late Friday afternoon from Doug Brecht, the tour’s vice president of rules and competition.

Brecht said the tour is committed to playing 72 holes with Player of the Year and other awards at stake this week, plus money rank and determinations as to who must go to Q-School or not.

“There are a ton of things riding on this,” Brecht said.

Brecht said if every player who went off in the first wave Friday afternoon is able to complete at least nine holes before darkness, the second round could be completed Saturday morning. After the cut is made to the low 70 scores and ties, the third round could begin Saturday at 2 p.m. and finish up Sunday morning. Under this plan, with a 54-hole cut to the low 30 scores and ties, the final round would begin at 11 a.m. Sunday and finish about 5 p.m.

“We still need a little bit of luck,” Brecht said.

If there’s another rain delay, or the 36-hole cut features an abnormally large number of players, Brecht’s plan might spill into a Monday finish.