LPGA releases statement on anchoring ban


As news broke Tuesday that the USGA and R&A would move forward with implementing Rule 14-1b, which will ban anchored strokes as of January 1, 2016, the LPGA released a statement indicating they will follow the rule change once it goes into effect:

'The LPGA has consistently conducted our official events in accordance with the Rules of Golf as established by the USGA and the R&A. We recognize the need for an independent governing body to maintain the rules of the game. We trust in the ability and expertise of both the USGA and R&A to make the decisions that are in the best interests of the game.

The USGA provided ample time and opportunity for us to not only educate our players, but also solicit input, concerns and feedback surrounding Rule 14-1b. While we know that not every one of our members is in favor of the rule change, the LPGA will continue to respect and follow the Rules of Golf which includes implementation of Rule 14-1b in January of 2016.' – LPGA