Lyle upbeat in first U.S. television interview


In his first interview in the United States since lapsing into his second bout with leukemia Jarrod Lyle sounded predictably upbeat following news that his cancer has gone back into remission.

Doctors informed Lyle last week that the last round of chemotherapy had been successful and he now awaits a bone marrow transplant process that will begin on June 1.

“As a cancer patient there's no better word to hear than the word remission,” Lyle said in a phone interview on Tuesday’s “Morning Drive.” “It was nice, but it doesn't change anything for me, I still have to go through the transplant procedure.”

Lyle also talked about the impact his newborn daughter, Lusi, who was born just before he began chemotherapy, has had on his recovery.

“She's got me wrapped around her finger already. She's just a bundle of joy,” Lyle said. “It gives you the lift that you need to keep going. I've only spent a short amount of time with her. She's a perfect little angel.”

PGA Tour players, officials and caddies continue to show support for Lyle, wearing “Leuk the Duck” pins and sending letters of support to the Australian throughout his recovery.

“It's one of those things, when something happens on Tour everyone joins together and does what they can do to help out,” Lyle said. “Every week you're out there trying to beat these guys heads in, on the other hand, they're like your family. I've just been amazed at the amount of support I've received by players, caddies and officials on the PGA Tour.”