Lyle's resume only lacking Ryder Cup captaincy


Sandy Lyle will be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame on Monday night. His resume is impressive: a pair of majors, 18 European Tour wins and one of the premiere European players in the 1970s and ’80s.

There is one gaping omission, however: Lyle has never been picked to lead the European team in the Ryder Cup. 

'Yes, it would be nice to be a Ryder Cup captain,' Lyle said Monday on 'Morning Drive,' 'but there have been a lot of good men who have been overlooked or just weren't there at the right time. I could be one of those.' 

Lyle didn’t help his chances when, in 2009, he accused victorious 2010 captain Colin Montgomerie of cheating. That occurred after he decided to withdraw from the 2008 British Open after 10 holes of the first round at 11 over par.

Even if those incidents were overlooked, Lyle believes his time has likely passed.

'There's obviously quite a few players at the age of 40, 45, that are standing at the side waiting for the Ryder Cup captaincy,' said the 54-year-old. 'As I get older, it's going to be harder because I'm a little bit disconnected away from the European Tour.'

Lyle, however, still holds out hope.

'You never say no in this game.'