McLean Tigers short game adjustments natural


DORAL, Fla. – Tiger Woods caused quite a stir on Tuesday at Doral when he said his retooled swing goes all the way through his bag from his driver to that all-world short game.

“It's a release, how I release the putter, how I release the short game, how I release irons, drivers, they are all related,” he said. “You just can't have one swing and not have another; they are all interrelated. It's just something I've had to change, and you know, it takes time.”

Many wondered why Woods would tinker with what is arguably the best clutch putting stroke and short game of all time, but according to Doral swing guru Jim McLean it’s not uncommon when a player is retooling an action.

“It’s natural. Part of the process,” said McLean while watching Woods warm up on the practice tee before his Thursday tee time. “It’s always a danger when you’re dealing with Tiger, but it’s natural.”