Memorable lines from UK radio


TURNBERRY, Scotland – On of the great pleasures of being at a British Open is the opportunity to listen to U.K. radio and the humorous, witty chatter that goes with it. Buy a radio for 8 pounds, it’s the best value on this side of the pond.

Here are a couple of the memorable lines from today: (read in your best British accent)

  • On what Tom Watson must eat to remain in good physical condition: “It’s not the triple cheeseburger with Coke is it? No, it’s more like chicken salad and a fizzy water.”
  • On describing Briny Baird: “He’s a serial non-winner in America.”
  • On Boo Weekley: “Boo Weekley sounds like a newspaper for ghosts. But it’s not, it’s a golfer.”