Mickelsons 911 text to Butch


SAN DIEGO – When he wasn’t defending his honor or looking through trees for lost golf balls Phil Mickelson did what Phil Mickelson does best – miss fairways and get up-and-down from Del Mar.

This isn’t the start Lefty imagined to his 2010 campaign, but at 9 under he can’t be too disappointed with the script after more than a few wayward tee balls found the thick Torrey Pines rough.

“I’ve hit a few drives left . . . that’s putting it mildly,” Mickelson said.

Following his third-round 70 Mickelson put in an emergency text message to Butch Harmon. “Not sure if we’re going to do it on the phone or get him to come out (to San Diego),” he said.

Mickelson said his swing had gotten long and his tempo quick, as a result he’s hit just 35 percent of Torrey’s fairways and yet was still just three shots back going into the final round.