Missing Amy Mickelson


When I think of Amy Mickelson, I think of the Presidents and Ryder cups. Her warm smile, stylish red-white-and-blue clothing, interaction with fans, and support of her husband, Phil, are as much a part of these team competitions as foursomes and fourball.

I especially missed her today, and I’m thinking I’m not alone. Amy and Justin Leonard’s wife, Amanda, are not only good friends who look alike and both have two little girls and a boy, they share a bond that very few can understand – they must share their husbands with the entire world. With Phil and Justin playing together on Friday, I can’t help but to think of Amy and Amanda beaming as they walk together inside the ropes.

Let’s all hope and pray that Amy will be strong enough to make an appearance at Harding Park this weekend. Phil said during the Tour Championship that she has good and bad days. If she shows up at Harding Park, it will be a great day all the way around!