Molding the future


Looking for someone to root for in the FedEx Cup Playoffs? How about Bryce Molder.

If a great potential is the heaviest burden, Molder has had the weight of the world on his shoulders. “All Everything” in college at Georgia Tech, he struggled to keep his PGA Tour card before landing solidly “in the show” this season. A T2 in Memphis and a 4th place finish at AT&T National has him in 55th heading into the first round of the The Playoffs.

Yet less than 24 hours before he starts his first ever playoff event – Molder paused on the range at Liberty National Wednesday, to spend some quality time with 8-year-old Blaise Venancio from Monmouth Beach, NJ.  

You see Blaise, like Bryce, was born with Poland syndrome. It’s the same thing that affected former MLB pitcher Jim Abbott. Blaise and Bryce both have small – almost webbed – fingers on one hand, which have required numerous surgeries and both were born without a pectoral muscle.

Molder never let Poland syndrome stand in his way. And by giving Blaise one of his specially made Titleist gloves and spending a little time comparing surgery stories and a love of all things golf and baseball, Molder gave the young boy inspiration to last a lifetime.

Last year at the Barclays, Sean O’Hair reached out to Blaise Tuesday on the practice putting green. We did a story on Sean’s ‘random act of kindness’ in our Golf Central Spotlight.

You’ve heard the slogan “These Guys are Good” – well, they don’t just mean ON the golf course.