Mysteries madness of the par-3 12th


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Of all Augusta National’s mysteries, the swirling winds that await players at the par-3 12th hole have caused more than a few sleepless nights.

This week will mark Dustin Johnson’s third Masters but the intricacies of No. 12 still remain a secret. Johnson’s caddie Bobby Brown said the duo even cornered three-time Masters champion Nick Faldo looking for answers.

“He said he’d look at the flags on the old range as he came up nine and the flag at (No.) 11, there is only 80 yards between those two so that gives you an idea,” Brown said.

Still, during a practice round this week Brown said Johnson hit a “pure” 8-iron that splashed into the creek. Moments later he hit the same shot long. The lesson? Some things can’t be controlled at Augusta National.

“You just have to commit to the shot,” Brown said.