NBC's Miller: Tiger wanted me to coach him


In an interview with Golf Magazine, NBC analyst Johnny Miller said that he once was asked to coach Tiger Woods, but declined the job to focus on his TV work and spend time with his family.

According to the story, which will be released in its October issue, Miller said, “Not many people know this, but when Tiger had been on Tour for two or three years, his people called and asked if I would give him lessons on short irons. Jack Nicklaus told him I was the best short iron play ever -- a pretty great compliment.”

At the time, Woods was working with coach Butch Harmon.

Why did Miller turn down the offer?

“I was tired,” he said, according to the report. “I didn’t think I could give him the time he’d need, so I turned him down, which I don’t think many people have done.”

Woods, who has won three times this season, now works with coach Sean Foley.

“He’s the guy I’d like to help most,” Miller said of Woods, according to the report. “I’ve been watching him since he was in junior golf. I know all the swings he’s had. I think I could help him get back to his natural swing, not the swing someone else wants him to make. I’m open to helping him.”