Near 100-degree heat adds to U.S. Women's Open


KOHLER, Wis. – The U.S. Women’s Open tests the temperament as much as it does the skill of players competing.

There are elements of the setup that can make a player feel like quitting.

With oppressive heat and humidity accompanying Thursday’s start at Blackwolf Run, that test of fortitude is heightened. Temperatures are expected to reach 97 degrees in the first round. Blackwolf Run sits low in a river basin, where the air hangs heavy.

“It’s very hot,” said Paula Creamer, the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open champ. “Being hydrated and taking care of yourself is going to be a huge factor.

“It’s going to be draining. People who are fit, it’s going to help a little.”

Temperatures are expected to hit 90 again Friday before a cooler front moves in on the weekend, when highs are expected in the upper 70s.

Because of the heat, the U.S. Golf Association announced Thursday that they’re setting up two air-conditioned motor coaches for spectators to use to cool off. Also, it announced water bottles will be sold at two-for-one prices. Iced towels will be in place on teeing grounds for players and caddies.