New roles for Mercedes-Benz, UPS at Masters


Augusta National announced Tuesday that Mercedes-Benz will become a global sponsor and UPS a new international partner for the Masters, beginning in 2014, according to a release from the club.

Mercedes-Benz, which has been an international partner of the Masters since 2008, joins AT&T and IBM as global sponsor. ExxonMobil previously was included in that group.

UPS, meanwhile, joins Rolex as an international partner. The total number of sponsors and partners remains unchanged, according to the release. 

“The relationships we form are important to our commitment of continuous improvement, and we sincerely appreciate the longtime assistance and enthusiasm of ExxonMobil for their support,” Augusta National chairman Billy Payne said. “We now look forward to growing our associations with Mercedes-Benz and UPS, two globally recognized brands that also share a passion for the Masters and the Tournament’s sustained success.”