NHL star injures finger when golf club shatters


Less than a month after signing a multi-year contract extension with the Philadelphia Flyers, NHL star Claude Giroux suffered a freak injury on the golf course that will reportedly sideline the team captain for 5-6 weeks.

According to a statement from the team, Giroux was golfing Thursday when his club 'shattered and splintered into his index finger.' The incident did not result in any broken bones, but the the 25-year-old did suffer tendon damage to his finger for which he had surgery the same day.

Named captain of the Flyers in 2012, Giroux led the team in points during both the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons. Last month he signed an eight-year contract extension worth more than $66 million to remain with the club for the forseeable future.

After news of the injury broke, Giroux offered details on exactly what happened during his painful on-course incident.

'It was just a freak thing,' he told the Philadelphia Daily News. 'I was taking a swing and my club hit a little behind the ball. The shaft of the club shattered, but my hand kept going on the swing and the shattered part went right into my finger.'