Nicklaus: Muirfield Village to set up differently for Presidents Cup


AKRON, Ohio – Jack Nicklaus won’t be charged with setting up Muirfield Village for the upcoming Presidents Cup, but the man behind The Memorial Tournament believes it will play differently than it does for its annual PGA Tour event.

“My guess would be Muirfield will play faster in the fall than it does in the spring,” he said Wednesday from the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, where he was being feted with the Ambassador of Golf award. “My guess is they will try to have some more gambling situations which will be interesting in match play. I doubt if we'll have a whole lot of rough. We'll have rough, but not like we have in the springtime.

“I think 14 will be one hole I think that they'll probably let us drive a lot of the time, take our shot at it if we want to. My favorite little hole on the golf course is a short hole, but not as a driving hole, but that's OK. 

“I would suspect that 11 will probably play shorter. More people will be hitting at it in two. I think less than probably a third of the people hit at it in two now, so everybody has really a good run at it with a good tee shot would be my guess. That and 14, and I don't suspect any real other significant changes on the golf course. The golf course plays pretty straightforward. Except in the fall, you're going to find the ball running through the first fairway, the second fairway, the creek comes into play pretty easy. They're going to have to be careful on 3. Five they'll have to be careful about because the golf course doesn't play long in the fall, and that to me is when it plays fun. It plays fun when it's fast.”

The Presidents Cup will take place Oct. 3-6.