No. 15 to play 107; No. 16 at 671 in Round 3


SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. Golf Association and its chief, Mike Davis, love to keep the course setup interesting at the U.S. Open and Saturday at The Olympic Club is no different.

Officials will play the par-4 seventh hole at 263 yards, virtually the same distance it played on Friday when it yielded 54 birdies. Expect a similar number on Saturday.

The biggest news, however, is that the par-3 15th hole will play 107 yards. The tee markers have been moved to the most forward area of the forward tees and the hole location is only four paces on the green in the front, left corner.

Players will then jump to the par-5 16th hole, which will play 671 yards. The tee markers are on the back of the farthest tee box and the hole location is in the back, right corner. Davis said that it’s likely they’ll move the tees up quite a bit on No. 16 for Sunday’s final round.

If you can have a breather at a U.S. Open, the final two holes provide a slight respite. The par-5 17th will be easily reachable in two shots by everyone in the field, playing 502 yards, and the final hole will be a 344-yard par 4 where the hole is placed in the back right portion of the green.

“The end, like it’s been the last two days, should be interesting,” Davis said. “The golf course has really played exactly how we wanted it. It’s a championship test.”