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Norman too 'stubborn' to win more during career


Though his Hall of Fame career took him to the top of the world ranking and included a pair of major wins, Greg Norman insists that his playing credentials would have been even more impressive if not for his mental approach on the course.

'Quite honestly I was probably a little too stubborn,' the Aussie explained to 'CBS This Morning' in an interview Thursday when asked why he failed to 'live up to' his potential during a career that included 20 PGA Tour wins, most notably the 1986 and 1993 British Opens. 'I wanted to do things my way ... I was so set in my ways.'

Known for an aggressive approach inside the ropes, Norman's greatest defeat came at the 1996 Masters, when he squandered a six-shot lead in the final round and finished runner-up to Nick Faldo, who claimed his third green jacket that fateful Sunday. As he reflected, Norman admitted that a somewhat safer strategy may have, at times, paid dividends.

'I played fairly aggressive golf. I believed in my ability ... there wasn't a shot I didn't love,' he explained. 'So I went for it most of the time instead of maybe scaling back a little bit and being a bit conservative.'

The interview concluded with the Aussie offering his take on world No. 1 Tiger Woods, who just two weeks ago concluded his fifth consecutive season of major championship golf without a title. Norman noted that the longer Woods goes without winning a 15th career major, the more difficult the feat will become.

'He's losing his intimidation factor,' he said of Woods. 'One of the greatest assets you can have as a great player is that intimidation ... Right now, he's losing that edge a little bit because the younger players are beating him.'