Ochoa feels liberated and that makes her dangerous


Lorena Ochoa chose a telling word to describe her feeling going into the Tres Marias Championship this week.

“I feel light,” Ochoa said in a news conference today before her farewell appearance as a full-time player. “I feel happy.”

There’s a cliché in golf that warns about a dangerous player: “Beware the injured golfer.”

In Ochoa’s case, there's an equally meaningful warning: “Beware the unburdened golfer.”

Ochoa, who’s won 27-times in her career, is looking for her first title in more than six months. Maybe this farewell event won’t be burdened with the heavy emotion that comes with saying goodbye. Maybe it will be liberating. Ochoa, after all, has shown uncharacteristic frustration the last year trying to juggle everything that’s important to her. The unburdening just might unleash all the old gifts.