The odd couple: Bubba and pop star Bieber


It might not make a whole lot of sense, but Bubba Watson and teen singing sensation Justin Bieber are good friends.

The two share tweets on a regular basis, but their relationship goes beyond cyberspace. Bieber discussed their relationship Tuesday on “Access Hollywood.”

'Bubba Watson's one of my good friends. I talk to him almost every day,” Bieber said. “He's a good guy.'

Bieber takes some guff from Watson for his game, but the 18-year-old claims to play to a handicap of 7 or 8.

'I'm all right at golfing. I'm not the greatest,” said Bieber, assessing his game. 'Bubba says I'm terrible. I think his wife (Angie) did beat me. But, she's a player. She can play!'

Bieber, however, has Watson beat by miles on Twitter. The Canadian-born entertainer has 19 million followers to Watson’s 262,750.