Odd expectations for Glover


If the PGA Tour’s 5-minute offseason has you groping for an official timeout, the 2012 docket gets underway in 14 days for those keeping track, you’re not alone.

Lucas Glover famously bucked the trend after the 2008 season, taking close to two months off with virtually no serious golf. The result? His first major championship at the Bethpage U.S. Open.

Glover is following the same formula this offseason. His last official event was the McGladrey Classic in early October and he will likely begin 2011 at Torrey Pines in late January.

“It’s been nice,” Glover smiled last week from behind a full beard.

Few needed a break as badly as Glover after one of the most difficult years of his career. Other than The Players Championship, where he finished third, he struggled mightily and made it through just two rounds of the playoffs. Much of that, Glover concedes, was the result of exaggerated expectations following his breakout 2009 season.

“It’s like trying to shoot a 63 on Friday after one on Thursday. You’ve been there before and you want to try to validate it so bad,” Glover said. “I’m looking forward to next season. I seem to play well in the odd years.”