Odds for Stenson are Tough on the Back Nine


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – If you're wondering what lies ahead as Henrik Stenson takes his lead to the back nine, here's a scouting report on those trio of finishing holes.
The 16th hole has yielded two eagles and 23 birdies from the first 50 players through, but there have been seven balls hit in the water with that pin tucked right against the hazard. At the 17th hole, with its classic back-right pin, and with little wind, only seven players have hit into the water. It's playing to 135 yards. The 18th is playing tough, yielding just two birdies with six players hitting into the lake on the left with either their drives or their approaches. It ranks as the second toughest hole on the course this Sunday, behind only the eighth.