Ogilvy says Bethpage is Predictable


DUBLIN, Ohio – Geoff Ogilvy has the U.S. Open on his mind and it has nothing to do with that out-of-body 63 he posted on Saturday at the Memorial.
The Australian slipped into Long Island to get a peak at Bethpage Black on Monday before arriving in Ohio. His take on the man-sized muni that will host the world’s best in two weeks?
“Predictable,” he said. “Bethpage, it’s all green. Bethpage is carry. I don’t know if there’s any green you can run up on. . . . It’s a really long course from the back tees. I mean, it’s incredible.”
That said, Ogilvy figures that if the weather and U.S. Golf Association officials cooperate it “will be a really fun Open.” Now there are two words that don’t always fit: Open and fun.