One-armed man scores hole-in-one


A hole-in-one is always a crowning achievement for a golfer, but a recent ace was even more remarkable for 63-year-old Ben Crocker.

That's because Crocker, a resident of St. Louis, lost his right arm nearly 40 years ago during an accident while on the job at a railroad station. The loss of his arm didn't keep him from pursuing a love of golf, though, as Crocker still plays twice a week and recently reached one of the high points the game has to offer.

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'It was kind of one of those things on my bucket list,' explained Crocker, who addresses the ball as a right-handed player would, hitting the ball back-handed with his left arm. 'I swung and it went straight over the water, hit the green, couple bounces and rolled right in the hole.'

The shot in question came from 131 yards away on the ninth hole at St. Louis' Glen Echo Country Club, where Crocker plays regularly.

'When it happens, you're almost in a daze,' he added. 'You realize it happened, but you just don't really believe it.'