One shot: Amateur out-chips Woods in contest


BETHESDA, Md. – Imagine having one chance to stare down Tiger Woods for one shot – the pressure, the excitement and the awe. Then, imagine outperforming the 14-time major winner. That's what a Virginia man did on Monday at the media day for the AT&T National.

Tyler Nguyen, a 46-year-old contractor with the Internal Revenue Service, pitched inside of Woods during a portion of a chipping contest at Congressional C.C.

'He's the greatest golfer of all time,' said Nguyen, who has been playing the game for 16 years. 'I had one shot in my life to beat him and that's enough for me.'

Woods took on a small field of local contestants who won the chance to face the world No. 7 in a chipping contest comprising three stations. Woods bested the field on the first shot and celebrated jokingly, saying, 'Yes! I won!'

At the second station, Woods pitched his ball inside of 2 feet on the 15-yard shot. Nguyen, however, pitched to within 18 inches. Woods smiled at Nguyen and high-fived him.

For the final shot of about 18 yards, it was just Woods and Nguyen. Woods won handily. Nevertheless, Nguyen can boast he beat Tiger Woods one time.

Afterward, Woods shook Nguyen's hand and said with a smile, 'Thanks for smoking me back there.'