Orange crush: Fowler, Blixt wear same outfit


Two orange Creamsicles are always better than one, right? 

In this case, the answer depends on your fashion sense.

After finishing at 7-under 206, and knowing they had a good chance to be paired together in the final round of The Barclays, Rickie Fowler found Jonas Blixt hanging out near the scoring area at Liberty National late Saturday afternoon.

Was this their best chance to dress in the same outfit, the traditional Sunday head-to-toe orange? Oh, yes. 

And it just so happened that Fowler had an extra pair of orange pants and shirts – why, exactly, is unknown – that he left in Blixt’s locker.

“We had talked about it before,” Fowler said Sunday on Golf Channel, “it was just whether or not he was gonna man up and do it today. But we pulled it off.” 

Indeed, they did, striding off the first tee together, an orange crush.

“I just think I look a little better in orange than him,” Blixt said, “so I just wanted to prove it today.”

“Jonas and Rickie called us pretty excited about their idea for matching looks in the final round,” said Bob Philion, president of Cobra-Puma Golf. “We love it. It really brings their personalities to life on the course and as far as we know, no other players have done something like this. They are both world-class performers and aren't afraid to have a little fun on the course.”