Overheard at Harding Park


SAN FRANCISCO – It's funny what you hear from star struck fans at these events.

With Camilo Villegas walking up the first fairway a young fan looking to be in his 20s pleaded for Villegas' attention.

'Look at me, Camilo,' the fan shouted. 'Please, you will make my day if you just look over here at me.'

Villegas could not help hearing with the crowd mostly quiet there, but he would not reward the brazen pleading. He marched right on by with his game face forward.

Up in the bleachers at the first green, an argument broke out over one fan blocking another's view. The parties involved ignored marshals trying to quiet them with Stewart Cink about to putt in the second match. Though the offending parties briefly halted their dispute for the putt, a police officer pursued one of the men involved as he stormed out of the bleachers.