PAC to meet about Q-School formula


The PGA Tour’s 16-member Player Advisory Council will meet Wednesday at Plainfield Country Club for the final time in 2011. Among the items on the agenda will be multiple models of a proposed change to the current Nationwide Tour/Q-School formula.

“We’ll talk about it in depth,” said Andy Pazder, the Tour’s executive vice president and chief of operations.

The plan, which was last addressed by the PAC at The Heritage in April, would make the Nationwide Tour the primary path to the PGA Tour while Q-School would become the feeder system for the secondary circuit.

According to Pazder, the PAC will be presented “multiple models” of the proposal at Plainfield. When asked how many, Pazder said, “More than one.”

Ultimately, the plan would have to be approved by the Tour’s Policy Board, which is scheduled to meet for the final time this year in October after the Tour Championship, but it seems unlikely the final version would be ready for the 2012 season.