Paddy has potty mouth after opening 73


JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Suffice it to say that Atlanta is living up to its reputation for hot weather. With soaring temperatures impacting everyone on the grounds of Atlanta Athletic Club on Thursday, hydration is a matter of utmost importance for everyone. Well, almost.

Padraig Harrington had more trouble finding a bathroom in the first round of the PGA Championship than he did grabbing a water bottle.

“Couldn’t find any toilets today. Had to leave the course three times to find a toilet. I don’t know what the story is. Wherever they are, they are well hidden,” Harrington said after his 3-over 73.

In fact, he says he’s nowhere near dehydrated. He’s overhydrated, if possible.

“I gained two pounds yesterday out there, drinking. There’s a thing in the Tour physio bus that measures it. I went in before that and I went in afterwards and I gained two pounds,” he said.

For his Friday round, though, Harrington knows of a certain spot for a bathroom break.

“I spotted two in the TV area on 18,” he quipped.