Padraig Gives Interesting Interview


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – Padraig Harrington continues to be one of the most thoughtful interviews in professional sports.
The three-time major champion huddled with the media here Tuesday at The Players and discussed issues that ranged from his wife’s birthday, to the golf course, to player obligations, to his performance this year.
Harrington’s mobile phone rang early in the meeting and he insisted on answering. It was wife Caroline on the line from back home in Ireland. “I’m in a press conference, I’ll call you in a bit. Love you,” he said.
“It’s her birthday,” Harrington then told the scribes. “It’s not good to hang up on her birthday.”
Summing up the golf course in a word he used, “Exciting.”
“The golf course is a big part of this event,” Harrington said. “I think it’s because of the way things can happen down the stretch. Seventeen is a perfect example. It’s not a difficult birdie, but it’s a very difficult par.”