Parnevik reenacts accident (to reporter's surprise)


Last month, Jesper Parnevik injured several fingers on his right hand when they got caught in a motorized boat winch. The accident put Parnevik's golfing future in question, but the Swede known for his quirky sense of humor made light of the incident with the website

At the 1:57 mark in the Swedish-language video, Parnevik surprised reporter Mattias Brännholm by pretending that the accident happened again, even apparently using ketchup as fake blood.

At the time, however, the incident was not funny at all.

'When I saw the edges of the machine, I was 100 percent sure that I lost all the fingers. I was terrified,' Parnevik said shortly after the accident.

Parnevik, 47, underwent surgery on his right index finger, and faces at least four months of rehabilitation.