Parnevik stands by comments


Golf Channel’s Inga Hammond caught up with Jesper Parnevik for the third consecutive day at PGA Tour Q-School in West Palm Beach, Fla. On Wednesday, Parnevik had strong comments regarding Tiger Woods’ admission of “transgressions” against his family (read Shag Bag item here).

Here are snippets from Parnevik’s chat with Hammond Thursday after shooting a second-round 72.

Does he stand by what he said a day earlier?

“Oh, no, it’s nothing I regret. I stand by everything. He lost all my respect. All the respect I had for the guy is gone.”

Comments, now that there’s been time for the news to settle:

“I was just a little shocked. Everybody was hoping it was rumors and everything was going to turn out all right. I was just a little disappointed with the situation. Elin is family to us, she lived with us for two years.

On what he’s hearing as reaction from players:

“I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t say.”