Pavin already making tough Ryder Cup choices


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Ryder Cup captains face grueling decisions they don’t normally spend a lot of time thinking about as players before a competition.

Ten months out, American captain Corey Pavin says he’s pretty much settled on the design for his team’s golf bags, but he has work to do deciding what style clothing Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Co. look best wearing.

“I still have decisions to make on hats and umbrellas, but the clothing’s getting there,” Pavin said after hitting balls Wednesday at Disney World’s Palms Golf Club, where he will play in the Children's Miracle Network Classic. “We have outerwear to decide on, what kind of sweaters, rain gear, belts.”

A Ryder Cup captain's work is never done. Pavin has enlisted his wife, Lisa, to help with the clothing design. Asked whose tastes are dictating choices, Pavin said: “We both have the same idea what we want to do, well, it was probably her idea first to have certain themes, but it is something we both agree on.”