PGA to propose 'grandfather period' for anchoring


On Feb. 8, at the USGA Annual Meeting, the PGA of America will make a pitch for a “grandfather period” that would allow recreational amateurs to continue to anchor their putters.

In a letter to PGA professionals, Bishop asked for those members affected by the ban to share their stories.

“This is in no way intended to reignite the debate on anchoring because we accept the USGA decision to invoke Rule 14-1b in 2016,” he said in a statement. “We just want to ask the USGA to consider a grandfather period to give amateurs a longer period to make the appropriate transition.”

Bishop likened the move to the decision in 2008 regarding grooves regulations. Though the rule was implemented for the pros in 2010, everyday golfers could use the nonconforming wedges until 2024, if not indefinitely.