PGA Tour files motion to dismiss Singh lawsuit


Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis has learned that the PGA Tour filed a motion in the New York Supreme Court on June 12 to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Vijay Singh in May.

Singh sued the Tour for “violating its duty of care and good faith” after he admitted to using the Ultimate Spray, which contained IGF-1, a growth factor like human growth hormone that was on the circuit’s banned substances list. Although Singh was later absolved of any doping violation, he filed the lawsuit on the eve of this year’s Players Championship.

According to the motion obtained by Golf Channel, the Tour wants the suit dismissed based on the membership agreement Singh signed last November that he would adhere to the circuit’s tournament regulations and anti-doping policy, both of which do not allow a player legal recourse outside of the normal appeals process.

“This case is about bullying and we are trying to prevent the bully from bullying,” said Singh's attorney, Jeffrey Rosenblum, who is currently crafting a response to the circuit’s motion.

Ty Votaw, the Tour’s executive vice president of international affairs and communication, declined to comment on the motion, telling Golf Channel the circuit does not discuss ongoing litigation.