PGA Tour tracks pace of play


FORT WORTH, Texas – Of the litany of statistics that are now available via the PGA Tour’s ShotLink program, there is one glaring exception given the current uproar over slow play at the game’s highest levels.

According to multiple Tour players the circuit tracks with surprising detail each player’s pace of play on every shot, even sending out periodic individual updates that list that player’s time per shot compared to the Tour average but not the times of other players.

In the most-recent update, for example, the Tour average for all shots is 38 seconds, while the circuit’s fastest player averages 24 seconds per shot and the slowest 53 seconds.

These statistics even break down the average time on particular shots, including tee shots (43 second Tour average), second shots on par 5s or going for the green (47), laying up (43), approach shots (45), around the green (50) and on the green (33).

Tour officials declined a request from to review a copy of the list or any of the related “time statistics,” which are compiled via the circuit’s ShotLink program which is, many players pointed out, not an exact science.

“That list is for members only,” said Ty Votaw, the Tour’s executive vice president of communication and international affairs.

Given the recent interest in slow play following Kevin Na’s struggles at The Players Championship two weeks ago, one Tour type suggested the circuit make the full list available to all Tour members, but not the public.

“If a guy is on there and the stats say he’s slow you know he’s going to do something to speed up,” said one Tour player who asked not to be identified. “No one wants to be embarrassed.”