PGA Tours Drug-Testing Policy Needs Tweaks


Seems there are still some devils in the PGA Tour’s drug-testing details. During a player meeting at the Nationwide Tour’s South Georgia Classic on Tuesday officials were pressed about an apparent glitch in the policy.
Although testing can occur at any time, the cornerstone to any program, most players are asked after their rounds to comply. During a rain delay, however, the policy has become something of a problem.
One player at the meeting said he was tested after play was called at an event due to inclement weather and didn’t complete the test until almost 9:30 p.m. Compounding the problem is an early restart the day after a weather delay.
The fix, according to one player who attended the meeting, seems to be an adjustment to the policy that would allow testing after a player has completed his round and signed his scorecard.
Of course, compared to other sports, if the biggest problem with testing for performance-enhancing drugs is timing, then golf should consider itself lucky.