Phelps aggravates injury while playing golf


Michael Phelps made his name in Olympic-size swimming pools, but he often preferred to be on a golf course. The most decorated Olympian in history, Phelps also achieved some notoriety in golf, sinking a 153-foot putt at the Dunhill Links Championship and having a season of Golf Channel's 'The Haney Project' focused on him.

But it's unlikely Phelps enjoyed his latest round, during which he aggravated a foot injury, according to his former swimming coach.

Phelps had a large black boot cast on his right ankle and foot and was limping Sunday at a sponsor's appearance at the world swimming championships in Barcelona, Spain.

Bowman, said the injury worsened when Phelps played golf a few days ago, according to The Associated Press.

'He hit his foot somehow in the house and then he did that tournament when he walked about 20 miles and got a little stress fracture,' Bowman told the AP.

Phelps declined to comment when the AP asked him what happened. Phelps retired from swimming after last year's London Olympics with a record 22 career medals.

It has been speculated that Phelps is considering a return for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. Bowman said this injury won't affect whatever Phelps' plans are.

'I think he'll be fine. He can wait that out,' Bowman said, laughing. 'I don't think that's imminent.'