Phils mind and heart are elsewhere


CHASKA, Minn. – Ran into Butch Harmon before Phil Mickelson's 12:45 p.m. Round 1 tee time. Butch was very sober in his assessment of his star pupil's chances.
'My expectations are realistic,' he said. 'He has a lot on his mind and it's not golf.'
When asked how Phil's wife Amy and his mom Mary were doing, Butch said he didn't want to elaborate, only offering: 'They're doing OK.'
In terms of Phil's ball-striking, Butch estimated that he's 70 percent.
'He's not swinging as well as he did at the U.S. Open. But we did some work and hopefully when he gets inside the ropes he'll get the competitive juices flowing.' Butch added that though Phil's in good spirits, 'his mind and heart are elsewhere.'