Pins and prognostications


AUGUSTA, Ga. – You will hear the term, “traditional Sunday pins” today and, by and large, the powers that be stay to a well-crafted script. But there are variances within the tradition.

Got a peak at Sunday’s pins and there are no surprises, but there are a few points of interest starting with the first, which is cut in the extreme back-right portion of the green and will yield few birdies.

By and large the pins on the front are harder than what awaits on the back, a well-designed plan that will likely result in the desired Sunday roars.

After the 10th and 11th holes, which are cut 5 and 4 paces, respectively, from the edge, the 12th pin is in the far right of the green and the 13th is front right.

“Both are pretty accessible,” said Mike Taylor, the Sea Island (Ga.) based swing coach for Lucas Glover and Boo Weekley.

Another interesting tee shot will come at the par-3 16th, which is cut in the back left. “Balls will feed right to it,” Taylor said.