Player, Booth revealed in ESPN 'Body Issue'


ESPN The Magazine has released its first batch of preview images from its upcoming 'Body Issue,' which this year features two golfers in the nude.

The first is 21-year-old Carly Booth, who toils on the Ladies European Tour. (Click here for more details)

And the other, quite memorably, is Hall of Famer Gary Player, who at 77 is the oldest athlete to bare all in the magazine's annual spread.

In one of the cover images released Tuesday, Player holds his follow-through position at an angle that reveals, well, just about everything; in another photo, he hoists an oversized medicine ball (with golf ball dimples) over his head. Click here or on the gallery below for images of Player and Booth, as well as other players who left little to the imagination.

In case you're wondering (and if so you don't strain your eyes), Booth's tattoo is a quote from Shakespeare: “It is not the stars to hold our destiny, But it is ourselves.”

Carly Booth