Players mull designated tournament plan


DUBLIN, Ohio – The Player Advisory Council and members of the Policy Board met Tuesday at Muirfield Village to talk about a “designated tournament” proposal that could improve fields at second-tier events.

Zach Johnson, one of four player directors on the Policy Board, said the plan would designate five or six events each year and a top player would have to play in at least one of them, although he stressed that “nothing is in concrete right now.”

“I think (the designated tournament proposal) is probably more feasible than the one-in-four rule (which would require players participate in every tournament at least once every four years) and some of the events that need a boost would certainly love it,” said Johnson, who admitted he arrived at the meeting late but was encouraged by the response from players.

If reaction from players, particularly those atop the Tour marquee, is favorable Johnson said it’s feasible the plan could be enacted in time for next year.