Players show empathy for others affected by ban


FORT WORTH, Texas – Even those PGA Tour members who are in favor of the USGA and R&A’s newest rule to ban the anchored stroke beginning in 2016 maintain they can feel some level of empathy for fellow players who will be most affected.

“Guys like Carl Pettersson, who has been using it for 16 years, ever since he was an amateur, same with Tim Clark, I feel bad for those guys,” Michael Thompson said. “All of that work they put in, in terms of becoming great putters is gone. They’ve got to restart. If I was in that position, I would be upset, too.”

“It’s not easy to play one way and be forced to switch,” added Rickie Fowler. “Obviously it was allowed for a long time, and that’s the tough part about it. It would have gone a lot smoother if this decision was made a long time ago when it was first brought up.”