President Obama's pace of play slows to a crawl


Apparently, President Barack Obama won’t be featured in one of those “While We’re Young” campaigns anytime soon.

The commander in chief’s, um, deliberate style of play came under attack yet again this week in the New York Times. (Check out his pre-shot routine here

Obama has been vacationing in Hawaii with his family and has reportedly played golf seven of the 12 days he’s been on the island. That brings his in-office round total to 158, according to a CBS News report.

Anyway, it appears that Obama has been taking his time on the links, with the Times reporting that he typically finishes a round at a five-hour clip but has taken up to six hours to play 18 holes. That, of course, is in stark contrast to both President Bushes, who often got in 18 in less than three hours. 

So, why the leisurely pace? Sources told the Times that it’s because golf is “one of (Obama’s) few chances to escape the demands of the White House and relax.”

Chances are, he still wouldn’t get slapped with a slow-play penalty on Tour.