Pressel frustrated by Founders Cup setup


Count Morgan Pressel among pros who are frustrated by the way the RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup is coming together.

Pressel told today that she’s all for honoring the tour’s founders and LPGA-USGA Girls’ Golf, but she’s leaning toward not playing and is frustrated that players who skip the event may be viewed as “uncharitable and unappreciative.'

Suzann Pettersen’s already on record saying she won’t play because she has problems with how the Founders Cup is being planned. Paula Creamer and Cristie Kerr have similar problems but say they are still undecided if they’ll play.

Pressel says she’s concerned the Founders Cup setup isn’t fair to other LPGA title sponsors or to so many LPGA pros who have limited opportunities to earn a living in a tour schedule that’s shrunk so much over the last two years.

Here’s Pressel’s complete statement on why she’s considering not playing:

“I am certain that all LPGA members are deeply appreciative of the pioneering work done by our founders, and I am all for honoring them in a special tournament. Likewise, like all our members, I have a strong commitment to charitable endeavors, including my own personal fundraising efforts. The LPGA contributes to charitable causes, as far as I know, through virtually every Tour event, in an amount similar to that provided by the proposed Founders Cup.

“That being said, I feel that the event belittles all other events that donate similar numbers to charity and still provide a full purse. They are attempting to hold an event with a short budget. If the event donated closer to 2 million dollars to the charity, that would really be something substantial, considering there is no purse. Unfortunately, with the vast amount of resources that are being used, it does not match the charitable contribution. I feel we have better ways to honor our founders, donate to charity, not alienate any sponsors and increase the value of our brand.

'Futhermore, with a shortened schedule and a lack of full-field domestic events, I feel this is the wrong time to have an event with a mock purse, when so many of our players are having a hard time getting into tournaments and making a reasonable living. I am leaning towards not playing the event, but am very unhappy that myself and others have been placed in the uncomfortable position of looking uncharitable and unappreciative if we choose not to play. In summary, the Founders Cup is not a bad idea, but the ramifications of this format should have been given more thought and planning before moving forward so quickly.”