Prove it: Who's on this week's hot seat


“Prove it!”

Another Monday arrives with more doubts created in the weekend past, with more doubts lying in wait during the week ahead.

Doubt is golf’s great goblin, an insidious foe that must be beaten every week.

Here's the newest gathering on our hot seat with something to prove, so prove it! . . .

U.S. Golf Association: Prove there’s room for common sense in the Rules of Golf, follow through on the move your leadership says is already in the works. Change Rule 18-2b so that there’s no longer a penalty when an outside agency causes a player’s ball to move after he or she addresses it. The change won’t come soon enough for Webb Simpson, who lost the Zurich Classic in a playoff Sunday after being penalized under that rule, but it will help spare us future finishes that feel unfair. It will be a nice follow up on the change announced at the Masters, where players don't have to be DQ'd for signing their scorecard after a TV viewer calls in a violation.

Rory McIlroy: Prove you’re over that Masters’ collapse with a strong showing at the Wells Fargo Championship this week. Hey, you don’t have to defend your title with another victory, but play well and confidently and turn the page this week. You made a nice bounce back getting into contention at the Maybank Malaysian a week after the Masters before getting beat on Sunday by Matteo Manassero. Prove you’ve got the resilient nature required to rebound from major disappointment.

Martin Kaymer: Prove that No. 1 ranking you lost to Lee Westwood remains an unresolved issue despite Westwood's back-to-back victories. Prove it against a strong field at the Wells Fargo. You didn’t seem overly eager to become No. 1 when it started coming your way, and you didn’t seem that comfortable with it, but your seven European Tour and PGA Tour titles in the last two years show us you can be quite comfortable with a lead on Sundays.

Bubba Watson: Prove that winning isn’t wearing you out at the Wells Fargo this week. Prove momentum is yours this summer. Prove you aren't just the hottest American in the game today but you're becoming the best. Prove your throwback style and home-made swing aren't just good enough to make you No. 10 in the world but hold the possibility of making you No. 1 someday.