Q-School Slow as Molasses


WINTER GARDEN, Fla – During a week that probably seems to move in utter slow motion for each Q-School finalist by mere design, considering the six-round format of the Tour's final qualifying step, adding insult to injury for each player today was a 30-minute frost delay that greeted their morning warm-ups.

Temps have since warmed near the 70-degree mark and with nary a cloud in the sky and light winds, playing conditions are now near ideal. But one PGA Tour official summed up how things were progressing on the course for the contestants in quite simple terms.

“Slow as molasses out there,” he noted. “Five and a half hours at least for all of them. Just like it has been every other day so far.”

Such is the nature of Q-School, Shag Bag supposes. When every shot holds as much importance as they do this week, time has a way of moving like the aforementioned sugar-based by-product.