Q-Schools high-priced entry fee


We were perusing this year’s Q-School application, it’s never too late for “Shag Bag” to finally take the plunge, and were taken aback by the cost and some curious limitations on payment methods.

Like the New York lottery, all one needs to start chasing a Tour card is $5,500 (that’s if the check cleared after the Sept. 16 deadline and for participants that play through the first stage) and a dream. It would appear cash flow hasn’t become a problem for PGA Tour HQ in these tough economic times.

Even more interesting is how players can pay. Among the acceptable methods are cashier checks, money orders and credits cards, but only MasterCard and Visa. Seems American Express is everywhere except PGA Tour Q-School.

For all those with enough cash and the right plastic, Q-School began this week at five pre-qualifiers followed by two more rounds before the six-round final stage is played Dec. 2-7 in West Palm Beach, Fla.